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Healthy Habits for Daily Balance

This seminar is an introduction to the program 'Alive and Rooted Habits'. 

Participants will engage in an interactive seminar outlining daily rhythms, small habits, and an introduction to habit evolution. This seminar highlights harnessing our own awareness and simplifying our routines. The teachings in this seminar create time and space for deeper self-connection and provide tools to mitigate stress and increase productivity. This will have a transformational effect over time when practiced, impacting the individual and the entire organization.

This is a 2-hour Interactive Seminar

Introduction: Present Circumstances, Rhythms, and Importance of Small Daily Actions


Habit 1: Preparing for Deep Rest

Exercise: Deeper Desires

Worksheets: Meal Planner, Shifting Dinner, Evening Flow, Evening Rhythms


Habit 2: Setting the Tone for the Day

Exercise: Small Movements

Worksheets: Morning Flow, Movement Tracker, Water Tracker, Daily Rhythms,


Habit 3: Igniting our Digestion

Exercise: Body Scan

Worksheets: Tips for Igniting Digestion, Food, and Feelings


Habit 4: Quieting the Mind

Exercise: Box Breathing

Worksheets: Why do I Need to Quiet my Mind?


Behavior: Importance of Kaizen, Habit Triggers, and Identity.

Exercise: One Small Step Toward Our Deeper Desires

Worksheets: How to Form a Habit, Working with our Environment, Kaizen, Habit Tracker,

Practice L.O.V.E., Formula for Building Habits


Closing: Practice L.O.V.E

Participants will leave with the following:

Worksheets and Tipsheets designed for future success in evolving habits

15 min 1:1 Call with Emily

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