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Alive and Rooted

The Alive and Rooted Habits Program aims to create a physical, mental, and emotional connection to Self and others through learning healthy daily habits, focusing on the growth and transformation of the individual, as significant change is comprised of thousands of small opportunities. Daily Habits lay the foundation for health and longevity.
Over eight sessions, you will learn how to individually and collectively structure your day for success, create a new relationship with yourself, manage stress, enhance efficiency, and learn to harness your own awareness.
With this ever-evolving practice, you will watch your life transform.


Create flow in the day by learning the energetics of nature. The best times to Eat, Sleep, Increase Productivity, Connect, and Move your Body.

Discover the power of small incremental change.

This Session Will Cover:

Daily Rhythms and the importance of Small Daily Actions for health, balance, ease, and flow. Creating group engagement, individual goal setting, and an introduction of the concepts we will be covering over eight sessions

  • Worksheets: How to Form a Habit, Kaizen Tipsheet, Practice L.O.V.E.

  • Exercise: Your What and Why, Find Your Flow, Accountability, and Intentions

  • Call to Action: Accountability Partners



Set the tone for your day from the moment you wake up with Love, Gratitude, and Connection.

This Session Will Cover:

Setting the Tone for the Day- Creating a Morning Intention, Hydration, and Movement flow. Movement throughout the day to bookend productivity points.

  • Worksheets: Morning Flow chart, Morning Intentions, Breathing Breakdown

  • Exercise: Box Breathing

  • Call to Action: Shifting Morning Routines

Desert Mountains


How we do something is just as important as what we do. Ignite your digestion with simple tips and practices.

This Session Will Cover:

Igniting our Digestion- The When and How to Eat for Optimal Digestion. Creating a perspective of digestion as a physical, mental, and emotional practice.

  • Worksheets: Tips for Healthy Eating, Food, and Feelings, Healthy Eating Guidelines

  • Exercise: Body Scan

  • Call to Action: Attuning to our Digestion



Develop the power of your awareness.  Create a practice to quiet your mind for physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

This Session Will Cover:

Quieting the Mind- Creating a Practice of Awareness. How do you want to spend or invest your time, energy, and attention?

  • Worksheet: Why do I need to Quiet my Mind?

  • Exercise: Who needs me to Quiet my Mind?

  • Call to Action: One minute of Silence

Green Field


Prepare for Deep Rest, learning how to consciously wind down in our evenings to increase the quality of our sleep and state of mind.

This Session Will Cover:

Evening Routine for Deep Rest- A 3-2-1 Guide to Close the Day and Prepare our Bodies and Minds for Restful Sleep. We are creating space to wake up light, clear, and energized.

  • Worksheets: Weekly Meal Planner, Shifting Dinner Time, Evening Flow Chart, Digesting the Day with L.O.V.E.

  • Exercise: Deeper Desires

  • Call to Action: Shifting Evening Routine

Purple Glow


Syncing breath with body movement.

Increase vitality in the mind and body. 

This Session Will Cover:

Moving with Breath- Benefits of daily morning movement.

How to create optimal balance and body and mind through movement.

  • Worksheets: Movement Tracker, High and Low Motivation

  • Exercise: Old Beliefs and New Opportunities

  • Call to Action: Incorporating Movement

Morning Mist over Forest


Learn the magic of intention. How we think and respond creates and shapes the world we live in.

This Session Will Cover:

Magic of Intention- The power of gratitude and how our thoughts and feelings create our world.

  • Worksheets: Water Tracker, Habits of our Thoughts

  • Exercise: Practice L.O.V.E.

  • Call to Action: Creating an intention of love and gratitude.

Sunrise on Matterhorn from Riffelsee


Continue to connect to yourself through the art of:

Listening deeply

Observing yourself with compassion

Vocalizing your deeper desires

Engaging in an ongoing practice of Love.

This Session Will Cover:

Growing with Grace: Making small choices throughout the day to increase peace and evolve the brain. Continuing to align with intention.

  • Worksheets: Formula for Building Habits

  • Exercise: I Am Becoming the Type of Person Who...

Garden Path

You Will Receive:


Six individual coaching sessions for support and accountability with Emily

Eight 90 min group sessions online or in-person


Recorded meetings


Actionable worksheets

Community and accountability from peers

For pricing and more information, please schedule a call with Emily Here.

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