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Why we should go to bed early..

When we look at the doshic clock, we want to be winding down in the time of kapha, the deep connective time where energy is descending between 6-10pm. There are numerous challenges with acknowledging this descending energy when we are constantly bombarded with phones, TV, late nights at the office, and many other of the thousands of stimuli we are faced with every single day. However, if we can avoid stimulation as much as possible, we can allow ourselves to feel the fatigue. I know it sounds crazy, but its there!! Many of us are incredibly fatigued! We may mask it with all day coffees, energy drinks, chocolates and anxiety... but under the surface, it is there.

The earth is telling us it is the time to connect and listen! Especially in the winter months when it is dark early, our body innately knows its time to slow down and rest to rejuvenate. It's very beneficial to take a slow walk or enjoy a nice bath after a light, early dinner. Treat yourself with some essential oils or give yourself a foot rub to nourish and reconnect with yourself before you go to bed. Journaling, stretching, meditation, breath work and gratitude practices are just a few ideas of FREE self care that can help you tap into your inner needs creating balance in a very stressful world.

It is ideal to be asleep by 10pm because the energy of the day will shift at this time. If we refer to the doshic clock, Kapha is dominant from 6-10pm. From 10-2am, the energy of Pitta will dominate the evening. Pitta will come with its second wind energy and it will be harder to fall asleep. Have you ever experienced this? It will prevent you from getting the deep sleep you would have with the help of Kapha's descending energy. The body also needs time to do its work! Allow it that space! If we continue to ignore the needs of our body to fufill its basic duties, we are playing a very dangerous game with chronic inflammation. Over time this effect will compound and catch up with us in a negative way. Almost all chronic diseases have roots in inflammation. The stakes are high and we want to avoid chronic inflammation as much as possible.

For many of us its hard to let ourselves feel this energy, we feel like we need to get more done. I completely understand this, but the beauty of working in sync with the energies of the day, is we can reconfigure the extra activities to better times during the day where they are more appropriate. For example, you will have a much clearer mind getting extra work done first thing in the morning. If you can trade the hour of extra work you do each night to the time of Vata, 2-6am/pm, you will be allowing your mind to be active and creative at the time when our brainpower is the strongest and most expansive. Our neuroplasticity is highest for the first thirty minutes we are awake! Allow the evenings to be about connecting with loved ones and yourself. Honor this time of nurturing with some self care watch your sleep and over all health will improve tremendously!

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